Your home works better with Niko

From stylish switches and sockets to home automation, access control, lighting control and detection… Every Niko product has been designed to make your home more comfortable, energy efficient and safe.


Niko has the right solution for every purpose.
The complete range of switching material, socket outlets and data ports is available with screw terminals or plug-in terminals.

Niko Home Control

for Traditional Wiring

Traditional wiring uses classic 230V electrical wiring. The switches and socket outlets communicate wirelessly with a central gateway. So you can control your lighting and roll-down blinds via your smartphone and operate everything with just one button.

Niko Home Control

for Bus Wiring

Bus wiring uses special cables that carry both electricity and electronic signals. The result is that all the elements in your electrical installation can communicate with each other making your whole system smart. 

Niko Hydro

IP55 ; Switches ; Sockets ; USB...

Splashproof switches and socket outlets are the only safe option. Niko Hydro, available in grey, black and white, will ensure your sockets and switches remain safe and secure.

Niko Detectors

Dali ; Dali-2 ; KNX ; 230V ; 24V ; Outdoor

Would you like the light to switch on automatically when you arrive home? Are you looking for a daylight solution for office or classroom lighting? Do you want to integrate your lighting system with the building’s HVAC system to save energy?

Niko Door Communication

Digital ; Analog ; Modular ; Audio

Trust Niko to give you access control that’s both discrete and elegant.

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